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Senior Investigator / Chief Instructor

Brian F. Chase is an internationally recognized expert in vehicle forensics with over 30 years of extensive experience and post secondary education in automotive technology, vehicle dynamics, crash reconstruction and criminal justice fields. He is an ASE Certified Master Technician, ASE Certified Undercar Specialist, ASE Certified Master Heavy Truck Technician, as well as ASE Certified in Crash Damage Analysis. He has been qualified as an expert witness in a multitude of vehicle-related areas, including mechanical inspections and component failure analysis, crash causation, crash reconstruction, occupant kinematics, commercial vehicle regulations and operation, and construction equipment operation. He is recognized as the leading authority and originator of the “Vehicle Autopsy”.

His resume includes over 25 years of law enforcement experience, with highly recognized expertise, abilities, and knowledge related to the operation, mechanical inspection, and analysis of motor vehicles. During his law enforcement career, he has investigated a multitude of high profile cases related to vehicle mechanical analysis and associated crash causation, crash reconstruction, vehicle operation, and homicide involving motor vehicles. His lengthy law enforcement experience has been supplemented by over 30 years of continuing education, training, and experience in all facets of vehicle mechanics and related component analysis inclusive of vehicle computer systems, braking systems (ABS, hydraulic, mechanical, electric, and air), supplemental restraint (air bag) systems, steering systems, tires, etc. He also has over 25 years of experience in the operation of all types of vehicles, including farm equipment, construction equipment, and commercial motor vehicles. Additionally, while employed as a Sergeant with the New Hampshire State Police, he was assigned as the Commander of the Special Traffic Enforcement Unit, Supervisor of the Technical Accident Reconstruction Unit, and as the State’s prosecutor for all serious injury and fatal crash administrative hearing cases. Moreover, he was the original Commander of the Motor Vehicle Inspector (Highway Patrol) Unit. His services as an investigator and instructor pertaining to vehicle autopsies are regularly requested internationally.

To request a Curriculum Vitae, please email: Admin@VehicleAutopsy.com

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CMVSC  /  ATTN: Administrative Services/CV Request  /  PO Box 1688  /  Concord, NH 03302-1688


Associate Investigator / Instructor

Jeanne M. Chase, a former police officer with the city of Concord, New Hampshire, has over 17 years of automotive repair, diagnostic, and maintenance experience. Moreover, her legal experience and accident investigation abilities allow Jeanne to provide legal research, crash reconstruction, vehicle component and scene analysis, as well as training services for Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Services & Consulting. Jeanne possesses a CDL-A license, and has over twenty years of commercial vehicle experience. She is an ASE Certified Medium/Heavy Truck Technician and federally certified air brake system inspector who specializes as an expert in brake system analysis.

To contact Jeanne M. Chaseplease email: Jchase@VehicleAutopsy.com


Associate Accident Reconstructionist

Michael Miller is an associate accident reconstructionist and forensic video analyst at CMVSC. After 26 years, Michael retired from the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department’s Major Crash Investigations Unit. While assigned to the unit, his duties entailed investigating and reconstructing critical injury and fatal collisions involving pedestrians, motorcycles, passenger vehicles, as well as heavy commercial motor vehicles.  As a certified instructor at the police department’s training academy, he served as the instructor of crash investigation to the recruits.  He also has been a guest lecturer at American University and Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and a secret reader for Trial Magazine.  Michael has been accepted as an expert accident reconstructionist in several courts, including the District of Columbia Superior Court and Federal District Court of the District of Columbia.

While employed at CMVSC, Michael regularly assists with crash reconstructions, vehicle autopsies, and video analyzations on both civil and criminal cases in which CMVSC is retained.

Michael has received extensive training and certification within the realm of crash investigation and reconstruction and has investigated over 4500 crashes, of which 475 were fatalities. He has been ACTAR certified since 2006.


Senior Crash Reconstruction Expert

Carl Lakowicz serves as a Senior Crash Reconstruction Expert, 3D Forensic Scan Scene Mapping Expert, and 3D Forensic Animation Expert for CMVSC. Carl is retired from the Concord, New Hampshire Police Department where he served as a Crash Reconstructionist, and brings over forty years of training and experience in the science of Crash Reconstruction. Carl creates a level of 3D Forensic Animations which is unparalleled.



Edward L. Chase, P.E., serves as the expert for CMVSC is specific civil engineering realms inclusive of Construction Zones, Highway Design, Intersection Design, Roadway Lighting, Local/State/Federal Permitting, Highway Markings, AASHTO, MUTCD, and much more. Ed is a Professional Engineer with over forty years of experience, and is licensed in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, and Florida.

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