Professional services offered by CMVSC include:

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Autopsy services
  • Motor vehicle investigations and analysis
  • Crash investigation and reconstruction
  • Vehicle component failure analysis
  • Crash Data Retrieval (black box analysis) - CDR, ECM, PCM, and CAN
  • Vehicle operation analysis
  • Law enforcement training seminars
  • State and Federal laws/regulations compliance, assessment, research and composition
  • Expert witness services in a multitude of motor vehicle related areas
  • Municipality and private sector commercial vehicle training seminars
  • Complete commercial vehicle computer (ECM) diagnostics and analysis
  • Commercial driver training and assessment
  • Commercial driver simulator training

Now offering comprehensive commercial vehicle ECM download and computer diagnostic services with the latest software from all manufacturers!

Brian Chase
Brian Chase

Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Services & Consulting (CMVSC) is a New Hampshire and Caribbean-based firm that is dedicated to providing investigation, analysis, training, consultation, and associated expert witness services for legal professionals involved in vehicle-related cases of all aspects.

It is the goal of CMVSC to provide only the highest level of quality, factual, professional services including but not limited to vehicle inspections and autopsies, component analysis, crash causation analysis, crash investigation/reconstruction, vehicle computer system analysis, vehicle braking system analysis, vehicle operation analysis, commercial vehicle issues, construction equipment issues, motor vehicle dealer, licensing and inspection issues, and farm and agricultural vehicle issues.

CMVSC has built up an unparalleled level of experience in this field, backed-up by a range of advanced examination techniques, sophisticated technology and state-of-the-art tools, diagnostic equipment, and computer equipment.

Our multi-disciplinary approach linked to our independence and impartiality means that we have established an organization that is built on the excellent reputation of our people. At CMVSC, we work hard to ensure that we are providing our clients with a level of professionalism, integrity and objective support that is unrivalled.

This high level of expertise is called upon by law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, government agencies, insurers, law firms, and private companies. All have chosen to rely upon CMVSC to provide them with sound, independent and professional services.

Brian F. Chase, chief investigator and senior instructor of CMVSC, has developed and taught unique courses relative to vehicle autopsies and mechanical analysis to law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, municipal and private sector agencies, engineers, and accident reconstructionists since 1990. His Vehicle Autopsy® and related courses are certified for ACTAR qualifying credits. In the realm of investigative analysis, mechanical inspections and crash reconstruction, Brian F. Chase is an internationally recognized expert who has provided expert services in a multitude of high profile cases.

Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Services & Consulting
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